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The Universal Ethician Church is a worldwide interfaith-ecumenical church tasked by the one and only God of the Universe with protecting Creation from destruction due to the unparalleled escalation of human greed and ignorance which is destroying God's biosphere.

Its further mission is one of bringing peace and joy to the world by instilling in all of God's children, a deep respect for one another based on The Golden Rule of the New Millennium.

Please join us in the critical mission of defeating the greatest threat to ever face Planet Eden since the beginning of human history.

Unless we, God's children, join together in a common bond of love and respect for each other and respect for God by preserving and protecting all Creation, we will continue down the path to the final destruction of the very life-support systems which God has so generously loaned each successive generation until the complete self-induced collective suicide of the human species takes place.

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Church Services - March 4, 2006

*Glory * 01-02-05

Glorious is the best word I can find to describe the services at the Wilderness Cathedral. Whatever the weather, the opportunity to praise God and to actually FEEL His presence in the open, under the trees hung with Spanish Moss on this narrow peninsula surrounded by water an hour before sunset each Saturday evening is a privilege for which I am ever grateful. Others who attend these services are of like mind and it is a pleasure to share the rare experiences that occur.

For those of you who have never attended, try to imagine sitting under the trees, feeling the breeze, enjoying the beauties of nature and participating in a short but inspirational ritual accompanied by the sounds of the creatures of the woods. Sometimes our choir is the call of the cormorants that roost nearby. Other times it is the howl of the coyotes in the distance. One evening the wind had its word as it blew in with enough power to upturn chairs, and the sound of the waves against the shore is pleasant background music. We are thrilled when large birds fly above us seemingly blessing our service. One evening Kenneth saw an eagle but didn’t mention it because he didn’t want to interrupt our quiet time, but he was informed to let us all know next time.

Our first service of the New Year was yesterday, January 1, 2005. And what a service it was! Instead of long, drawn out sermons we have sermonettes that last only three minutes. Yesterday George was reading a small essay by Susan Polis Schutz when we experienced an awesome occurance. He started reading and at the end of each phrase a Cardinal responded thus…

Dreams can come true chirp, chirp, chee

If you take the time to chirp, chirp, chee

Think about what you want in life chirp, chirp, chee

Get to know yourself chirp, chirp, chee.

But don’t think about yourself so much chirp, chirp, chee.

That you analyze every word and action. chirp, chirp, chee. *. . .*

*. . .* Take part in the beauty of nature chirp, chirp, chee.

Be appreciative of all that you have chirp, chirp, chee.

Help those less fortunate than you chirp, chirp, chee.

Try to make other lives happy chirp, chirp, chee

Work toward peace in the world chirp, Chirp, Chee . . .

We all got so amused that George had trouble reading the rest of the essay after our friendly cardinal flew further away and could still be faintly heard during the balance of the essay.

/Marjorie Haw Russell, //01-01-2005// /